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Latest Work

Payroll Software
July 01, 2014

DBMS for NGO Bureau
July 04, 2013

Information system for NGO Bureau is a web application to store, edit the information of NGOs located in Bangladesh. This application also helps to store the project and other relevant information of the respective NGO. This application is accompanied by different kinds of reports.

Latest News

Sunhillworks signed the agreement with Actionaid Bangladesh to develop an ERP
December 18, 2014

Sunhillworks Limited has signed an agreement with Actionaid Bangladesh to develop a web-based ERP software for them.

Sunhillworks launches DBMS software at NGO Bureau
July 06, 2013

Sunhillworks Limited has launched a new web application at NGO Affairs Bureua on 24th June,2013 with the support of Manusher Jonno Foundation.